New York Railroad Law
Sec. § 60
Issue and Use of Mileage Books

Every railroad corporation operating a railroad in this state, the line or lines of which are more than one hundred miles in length, and which is authorized by law to charge a maximum fare of more than two cents per mile, and not more than three cents per mile, and which does charge a maximum fare of more than two cents per mile, shall issue mileage books having either five hundred or one thousand coupons attached thereto, entitling the holder thereof, upon complying with the conditions hereof, to travel either five hundred or one thousand miles on the line or lines of such railroad, for which the corporation may charge a sum not to exceed two cents per mile. Such mileage books shall be kept for sale by such corporation at every ticket office of such corporation in an incorporated village or city, and any of such books shall be issued immediately upon application therefor. Upon presentation of such mileage book to a conductor on any train, on any line of railroad owned or operated by said railroad corporation, the holder thereof, or any member of his family or firm, or any salesman of his firm, shall be entitled to travel for a number of miles equal to the number of coupons detached by such conductor. Such mileage book shall entitle the holder thereof to the same rights and privileges in respect to the transportation of person and property to which the highest class ticket issued by such corporation would entitle him. Such mileage books shall be good until all coupons attached thereto have been used. Any railroad corporation which shall refuse to issue a mileage book, as provided by this section, or in violation hereof, to accept such mileage book for transportation, shall forfeit fifty dollars, to be recovered by the party to whom such refusal is made; but no action can be maintained therefor unless commenced within one year after the cause of action accrues.
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