New York Railroad Law
Sec. § 107

It shall be the duty of the district attorney prosecuting any corporation for a violation of any of the provisions of sections one hundred and three, one hundred and four and one hundred and five, that shall be convicted thereof and sentenced to pay a fine therefor, to cause a judgment-roll to be made up, consisting of the indictment, orders and sentence of the court and a formal judgment, to be prepared by him, which judgment shall be duly signed by the clerk of the county in which said trial took place; said judgment-roll shall be filed by said county clerk and said judgment shall be duly recorded in the book of judgments in said county and duly entered and docketed by said county clerk in said county the same as if said judgment had been obtained in a civil action, and said judgment so duly entered and docketed shall become and be a lien upon all of the real estate of said corporation against which the same is obtained, and the collection thereof may be enforced by execution to be issued and signed by the district attorney of the county where the trial of said indictment took place, in the same manner and to the same extent as executions are collected in civil actions.
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