New York Railroad Law
Sec. § 104
Compliance With Orders of Commissioner of Transportation

104. Compliance with orders of commissioner of transportation. Whenever the commissioner of transportation shall cause to be personally served upon any railroad corporation controlling any tunnel or part of a tunnel in this state for the purpose of operating a railroad or moving, hauling or propelling cars therein by steam, by delivering a copy personally to the president, general manager or any director of said corporation of a notice or order of said commissioner of transportation, stating and specifying the structures to be erected, the manner, means, mechanical appliances and apparatus to be used in lighting or ventilating any tunnel or tunnels used by said corporation for the purpose of moving, hauling or propelling cars by steam therein as aforesaid, said corporation shall, within thirty days from and after the service of said notice or order as aforesaid, cause said tunnel or tunnels so used by it as aforesaid to be lighted or ventilated, or both, in the manner and by the means and use of the mechanical apparatus and appliances specified and pointed out in said notice or order.
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