New York Railroad Law
Sec. § 54
Notice of Starting Trains; No Preferences

Every railroad corporation shall start and run its cars for the transportation of passengers and property at regular times, to be fixed by public notice, and shall furnish sufficient accommodations for the transportation of all passengers and property which shall be offered for transportation at the place of starting, within a reasonable time previously thereto, and at the junctions of other railroads, and at the usual stopping places established for receiving and discharging way passengers and freight for that train; and shall take, transport and discharge such passengers and property at, from and to such places, on the due payment of the fare or freight legally authorized therefor. No station established by any railroad corporation for the reception or delivery of passengers or property, or both, shall be discontinued without the consent of the commissioner of transportation first had and obtained. No preference for the transaction of the business of a common carrier upon its cars, or in its depots or buildings, or upon its grounds, shall be granted by any railroad corporation to any one of two or more persons, associations or corporations competing in the same business, or in the business of transporting property for themselves or others. Any such station in an incorporated village shall have the same name as the village; if any road shall have more than one such station in any such village the station nearest the geographical center thereof shall have such name. Names of stations may be changed on the petition of any person interested with the consent of the commissioner of transportation. If the name of any station has been heretofore changed by the railroad company, the commissioner of transportation may restore the name changed or make such change therein as the circumstances require.
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