Laws of New York
Information about updates

How often are the Laws of New York updated? What does it mean for them to be “up to date”? We explain.

First things first: this website, NewYork.Public.Law, is not associated with the State of New York. It started life as an interesting law school project. Over the years it has become a public service depended on by thousands.

This means that there are two sides to the always up-to-date story: The State of New York and us.

The NY State Senate updates the online laws throughout the year.

The Consolidated Laws of New York are updated continuously from the session laws. This is similar to California. But different from, say, Oregon, where the session laws are rolled up into the statutes every two years.

To make this happen, the NY Senate Technology Services have built a great API with beautiful documentation. It provides the data for their websites and it's freely available to anyone. They roll out modifications to the online Consolidated Laws in batches:

“Law updates are received in a batch update on a weekly basis, so updates that occur during the week will only be visible at the end of that week.”

Bottom line, the official New York website is always up to date.

We update our database weekly.

We found that sure enough, the NY Senate's API is updated on Fridays. Not every Friday, but that's when it happens if it does. So we query the API every Saturday just in case.

With this setup, we can guarantee that the Laws of New York on this site are always up to date.

Most recent updates

63 statutes were updated on November 17, 2023.

Nov. 25, 2023