Laws of New York
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23 statutes were updated July 12, 2024

Educ. Law § 211-D Contract for excellence
Educ. Law § 2575 Retirement of employees of board of education
Educ. Law § 3602 Apportionment of public moneys to school districts employing eight or more teachers
Educ. Law § 3602-E Universal prekindergarten program
Educ. Law § 3602-EE Statewide universal full-day pre-kindergarten program
Educ. Law § 3609-A Moneys apportioned, when and how payable commencing July first, two thousand seven
Educ. Law § 3612 Teachers of tomorrow teacher recruitment and retention program
Educ. Law § 3623-A Allowable transportation expense
Educ. Law § 3627 Transportation after 4pm
Educ. Law § 4402 Duties of school districts
Educ. Law § 6401 State aid for certain independent institutions of higher learning
Educ. Law § 667 Tuition assistance program awards
Educ. Law § 667-C Part-time tuition assistance program awards
Educ. Law § 817 Expanding access to advanced courses to improve educational equity
Election Law § 5-507 Voter pre-registration and education on voter pre-registration
Ins. Law § 3216 Individual accident and health insurance policy provisions
Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation Law § 13.15 Fees and deposits; refunds
Real Prop. Tax Law § 1803-A Adjusted base proportions; determination
Real Prop. Tax Law § 1903 Homestead base proportion and non-homestead base proportion
Retirement & Soc. Sec. Law § 381-B Retirement of members or officers of the state police; twenty year retirement plan
State Fin. Law § 200 Payment of salaries
State Fin. Law § 89-H Medical cannabis trust fund
Tax Law § 490 Excise tax on medical cannabis

Jul. 13, 2024