New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

Sec. § 106-A
Notice of Arrest and Convictions


When an arrest for gambling activity, illicit drug activity, prostitution activity, or for a breach of the peace or for a crime of a violent nature, or for a crime of weapons possession occurs or where the activity or crime has taken place in a licensed premises, the arresting agency shall notify in writing, the authority and the district attorney of the county in which the licensed premises are located within two weeks of the arrest and set forth therein the name of the arrestee, the date of the arrest, the time of the arrest, the exact place of the arrest, the name of the licensee, the name and address of the licensed premises, the offense or offenses allegedly committed by the arrestee, the factual circumstances of the arrest, the name or names of the arresting officer, and such other information as may reasonably be required by the authority.


Such district attorney shall maintain a written record of all notices forwarded as required by subdivision one of this section and where the arrestee named in said notice is convicted of either the offense charged or a lesser included offense as defined by the penal law, the district attorney shall so notify the authority in writing. In addition, where a person is convicted of a violation of paragraph (b) of subdivision one of section sixty-five-b of this chapter or of a violation of subdivision one of section sixty-five of this chapter, the district attorney shall promptly notify the authority of such conviction in writing and shall include in such notification the information required to be provided pursuant to subdivision one of this section.

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