New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

Sec. § 127-C
Refunds on Licenses and Permits Erroneously or Unlawfully Cancelled, Revoked or Suspended

§ 127-c. Refunds on licenses and permits erroneously or unlawfully cancelled, revoked or suspended. If a license or permit issued under this chapter is cancelled, revoked or suspended and thereafter the action of the state liquor authority effecting such cancellation, revocation or suspension is reversed or annulled, upon application made within six months of the date of such judgment of reversal or annulment there shall be refunded to such licensee or his assignee such proportion of the fee paid for such license or permit as the period that such licensee or permittee has not had the beneficial use of such license or permit by reason of such cancellation, revocation or suspension bears to the full period for which the license or permit was issued. The provisions of section one hundred twenty-seven of this chapter so far as they can be made applicable and are not inconsistent with this section, shall govern the procedure to be followed in making application for refunds under this section.

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