New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

Sec. § 129
Surrender of License; Notice to Police Officials

Within three days after a license shall have been revoked pursuant to this chapter, notice thereof shall be given to the licensee by mailing such notice addressed to him at the premises licensed. Notice shall also be mailed to the owner of the premises licensed. The holder of such license shall thereupon surrender same to the liquor authority. The mailing thereof by the licensee to the liquor authority by registered mail or insured parcel post shall be deemed sufficient compliance with this section. The liquor authority, immediately upon giving notice of revocation, shall serve a written notice thereof upon the commissioner of police, chief of police or chief police officer of the city, or village in which the premises for which the revoked license was issued is situated, or upon the sheriff of the county or a constable of the town in case the license was issued for premises situated in a town and not within any city or village. Such notice shall include a statement of the number of such license, the name and place of residence of the holder thereof, the location of the licensed premises, and the date when such license was revoked. In case such license be not forthwith surrendered, the liquor authority shall issue a written demand for the surrender of such license and deliver said demand to the sheriff of the county in which the licensed premises are located, or to any representative of the liquor authority, and said sheriff or representative shall immediately take possession of such license and return the same to the liquor authority.

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