New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 214-E
Temporary Marketing and Manufacturing Permits

Any person, firm, partnership, corporation or association desiring a temporary permit to deviate from an existing dairy or food standard or regulation may file with the commissioner a written application on a form prescribed by the commissioner. The application shall include the following:


name and address of the applicant, (2) a full description of the proposed variation from the standard and the basis upon which the food so varying is believed to be wholesome and in the interest of the consumers. This description shall include the names, amounts of all ingredients and a sample of the label, (3) if the resulting product is similar to one for which there is now a definition, the applicant shall indicate the nature of the deviation and why it will be of benefit to consumers, (4) the applicant shall indicate the time for which the permit is desired and how the product will be distributed, (5) the commissioner must also receive a statement of the probable amount of such food to be distributed, the areas of distribution and the address at which such food will be manufactured, (6) the commissioner may require the applicant to furnish samples of the food varying from the standard and to furnish such additional information as may be deemed necessary for action on the application, and


the commissioner may, in issuing a temporary permit, specify a limited marketing area for the new food product under study and limit the time of such permit. If the commissioner concludes that the variation may be advantageous to consumers and will not result in a lowering of health standards or promote fraud and deception, a temporary permit may be issued to the applicant. The terms and conditions of such permit shall be binding on the applicant. The period that the permit shall be in effect shall be at the discretion of the commissioner but shall not exceed one year. The commissioner may after public hearing, revoke the permit for cause, which shall include but not be limited to the following:


violation by the permittee of the terms and conditions of the permit, (2) the application for permit contains an untrue statement of fact, or


the need therefore no longer exists.

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