New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 206
Relative to Selling a Commodity in Imitation or Semblance of Honey

§ 206. Relative to selling a commodity in imitation or semblance of honey. No person or persons shall package, label, sell, keep for sale, expose or offer for sale, any article or product in imitation or semblance of honey depicting thereon a picture or drawing of a bee, beehive or honeycomb, or branded as “honey,” “liquid or extracted honey,” “strained honey” or “pure honey” which is not pure honey. No person or persons, firm, association, company or corporation, shall manufacture, sell, expose or offer for sale, any compound or mixture branded or labeled as and for honey which shall be made up of honey mixed with any other substance or ingredient. There may be printed on the package containing such compound or mixture a statement giving the ingredients of which it is made; if honey is one of such ingredients it shall be so stated in the same size type as are the other ingredients, but it shall not be packaged, sold, exposed for sale, or offered for sale as honey; nor shall such compound or mixture be branded or labeled with the word “honey” in any form other than as herein provided; nor shall any product in semblance of honey, whether a mixture or not, be sold, exposed or offered for sale as honey, or branded or labeled with the word “honey,” unless such article is pure honey. A product which is in semblance or imitation of liquid honey shall be labeled as “honey flavored syrup” or “artificially honey flavored syrup”, as is appropriate.

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