New York Insurance Law
Sec. § 3406
Copy of Examination of Insured to Be Delivered to Insured


If any policy or contract of insurance against loss or damage to property located in this state contains any provision requiring the insured to permit any examination by the insurer of the insured, or of a member of his family, or of any employee of the insured, and if any such examination takes place and is reduced to writing, whether or not signed by the insured or by such person so examined, such insurer shall, within ten days from the time when the insured shall have requested the same in writing, deliver to the insured a copy of such examination so reduced to writing.


If such copy is not delivered to the insured as required, no part of the examination shall be used by the insurer as a part of the proof of loss or damage or as evidence in any action or proceeding based upon or involving such policy or contract.
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