New York Banking Law

Sec. § 9-W
Standard Financial Aid Award Letter

The superintendent of financial services in consultation with the president of the higher education services corporation shall develop a standard financial aid award letter which shall clearly delineate (a) the estimated cost of attendance, including but not limited to, the cost of tuition and fees, room and board, books, and transportation. Such standard letter shall provide the estimated cost of attendance for the current academic year as well as estimates for each academic year that the student would need to attend to earn a degree at such institution with a disclaimer that the cost of attendance for years other than the current academic year are estimates and may be subject to change, (b) all financial aid offered from the federal government, the state, and the institution with an explanation as to which components will require repayment, (c) any expected student and/or family contribution, (d) campus-specific graduation, median borrowing, and loan default rates, and


any other information as determined by the superintendent in consultation with the president. Such standard letter shall include a glossary of standard terms and definitions used on such standard letter. The superintendent shall publish and make available such standard letter by December thirty-first, two thousand fifteen and thereafter. Each college, vocational institution, and any other institution that offers an approved program as defined in section six hundred one of the education law shall utilize the standard letter issued by the department of financial services in responding to all undergraduate financial aid applicants for the two thousand sixteen--two thousand seventeen academic year and thereafter. The superintendent shall promulgate regulations implementing this section.

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