New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 57-A
Licensing of Persons Making Bacterial Counts of Milk And/or Cream or Making Tests of Milk And/or Cream to Detect Certain Abnormalities

§ 57-a. Licensing of persons making bacterial counts of milk and/or cream or making tests of milk and/or cream to detect certain abnormalities. No person shall test milk and/or cream in order to determine the bacterial or leucocyte count or make other tests to determine the presence or absence of abnormal milk, where the results of such test affects the rate of payment to the producer for such milk and/or cream, the classification of milk and/or cream as received from the producer, or the acceptance or rejection of such milk and/or cream by the operator of a milk-receiving or manufacturing plant, unless licensed by the commissioner. Application for such license shall be made upon a form prescribed by the commissioner. The applicant shall furnish satisfactory evidence of good moral character, and shall demonstrate his ability to make such tests by an examination under the direction of the commissioner. The applicant shall pay a license fee of five dollars to the commissioner for remittance to the state treasury. A license shall be for a period not exceeding five years. A license may be renewed in the discretion of the commissioner, without an examination, for successive periods of not exceeding five years each upon payment of a license fee of two dollars to the commissioner for remittance to the state treasury. Each license shall be kept at the place where the licensee is engaged in testing milk and/or cream and shall be open to inspection. A license may be revoked by the commissioner, after a hearing upon due notice to the licensee, for dishonesty, incompetency, inaccuracy or a violation of the provisions of this article.

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