New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 47-A
Regulating the Handling and Sale of Products Made From Recovered Milk Fat and Solids

§ 47-a. Regulating the handling and sale of products made from recovered milk fat and solids. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this chapter, it shall not be unlawful to recover milk fat and other milk solids (a) from mixtures of milk and potable water produced in the operation of high-temperature short-time pasteurizers or (b) from rinsings or drippings recovered from cans or equipment used in the handling of milk and milk products, provided such rinsings or drippings do not contain excessive foreign substance, or


from whey or to use such fat and such other milk solids in (1) products in the manufacture of which milk fat, other milk solids and water are permitted ingredients, or


in the manufacture of butter and skimmed milk powder (nonfat dry-milk solids). The commissioner is hereby authorized to promulgate regulations governing the handling, manufacturing and marketing of such mixtures, rinsings, drippings and whey and the products made therefrom, and may prescribe standards for such products.

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