New York Agriculture & Markets Law
Sec. § 50-E
Legislative Finding and Declaration of Policy

It is hereby declared that cream, half and half, milk and mixtures of milk and cream have long been accepted by the consuming public; recognized as wholesome and nutritious articles of food, and their composition generally understood by consumers. Advances in food technology have resulted in the development of a variety of products for similar usage including dairy foods of lower butterfat and blends made with vegetable oils and with proteins from sources other than dairy products; products which are so similar in appearance, odor and taste that they are difficult to differentiate from dairy products. It is further declared to be the purpose of this article to promote honesty and fair dealing in the interest of consumers, to insure fair competition with a highly regulated dairy industry which is of considerable economic importance to the economy of the state and to prevent confusion and deception in the sale of such foods by establishing definitions and standards of identity for such foods, and by providing for rules and regulations which will effect their orderly marketing and insure similar sanitary standards. It is the further intent of the legislature, in view of the well known nutritional qualities of whole milk (including standardized milk) and other dairy products that the burden of proof of nutritional claims of products offered for sale to consumers which have the appearance, odor and taste of whole milk (including standardized milk) or other dairy products is placed on the persons or corporations offering the product or products for sale to consumers.
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