New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 49
Insanitary Cans and Receptacles Condemned

All cans, or receptacles used in the sale of milk, cream or curd for consumption, or in transporting or shipping the same to market or the delivery thereof to purchasers for consumption as human food, when found by the commissioner or his assistants or agents to be in unfit condition to be so used by reason of being worn out, badly rusted, or with rusted inside surface, or unclean or insanitary or in such condition that they can not be rendered clean and sanitary by washing, and will tend to produce or promote in milk, cream or curd when contained therein, bad flavors, unclean or unwholesome conditions favorable to unhealthfulness or disease, shall be condemned by the commissioner or his assistants or agents. Every such can or receptacle when so condemned shall be marked by a stamp, impression or device, designed by the commissioner, showing that it has been so condemned, and when so condemned shall not thereafter be used by any person for the purpose of so selling, transporting or shipping milk, cream or curd.

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