New York Banking Law

Sec. § 380-G
Power to Engage in Line of Credit Financing of Residential Real Estate

§ 380-g. Power to engage in line of credit financing of residential real estate. A savings and loan association is authorized to invest an amount, not exceeding the lesser of (a) ten per centum of the sum of its surplus, undivided profits, and reserves or (b) one per centum of its assets, in loans or in interests therein the principal purpose of which is to provide financing with respect to what is or is expected to become primarily residential real estate within this state, where (i) the association relies substantially for repayment on the borrower’s general credit standing, with or without other security, or


the association relies on other assurances for repayment, including but not limited to a guaranty or similar obligation of a third party, and, in either case described in clause (i) or (ii), regardless of whether or not the association takes security.

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