New York Banking Law

Sec. § 132
Use of Sign, or Words, Indicating Bank or Trust Company by Unauthorized Persons Prohibited

§ 132. Use of sign, or words, indicating bank or trust company by unauthorized persons prohibited. No person, except a national bank, a federal reserve bank, or a corporation duly authorized by the superintendent to transact business in this state, shall make use of any office sign at the place where such business is transacted having thereon any artificial or corporate name, or other words indicating that such place or office is the place of business or office of a bank or trust company; nor shall any such person or persons make use of or circulate any letterheads, billheads, blank forms, notes, receipts, certificates, circulars, or any written or printed or partly written and partly printed paper whatever, having thereon any artificial or corporate name, or other word or words, indicating that such business is the business of a bank or trust company; provided, however, that nothing in this section shall be deemed to prevent a bank holding company from using any corporate name it is duly authorized to use under subdivision (b) of section three hundred two of the business corporation law.

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