New York Lien Law

Sec. § 38
Itemized Statement May Be Required of Lienor

A lienor who has filed a notice of lien shall, on demand in writing, deliver to the owner or contractor making such demand a statement in writing which shall set forth the items of labor and/or material and the value thereof which make up the amount for which he claims a lien, and which shall also set forth the terms of the contract under which such items were furnished. The statement shall be verified by the lienor or his agent in the form required for the verification of notices in section nine of this chapter. If the lienor shall fail to comply with such a demand within five days after the same shall have been made by the owner or contractor, or if the lienor delivers an insufficient statement, the person aggrieved may petition the supreme court of this state or any justice thereof, or the county court of the county where the premises are situated, or the county judge of such county for an order directing the lienor within a time specified in the order to deliver to the petitioner the statement required by this section. Two days’ notice in writing of such application shall be served upon the lienor. Such service shall be made in the manner provided by law for the personal service of a summons. The court or a justice or judge thereof shall hear the parties and upon being satisfied that the lienor has failed, neglected or refused to comply with the requirements of this section shall have an appropriate order directing such compliance. In case the lienor fails to comply with the order so made within the time specified, then upon five days’ notice to the lienor, served in the manner provided by law for the personal service of a summons, the court or a justice or judge thereof may make an order cancelling the lien.

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