N.Y. Labor Law Section 224-B
Stop-work orders

Where a complaint is received pursuant to this article, or where the fiscal officer upon his or her own investigation, finds cause to believe that any person, in connection with the performance of any contract for public work pursuant to § 220 (Hours, wages and supplements)section two hundred twenty of this article or any covered project pursuant to § 224-A (Prevailing wage requirements applicable to construction projects performed under private contract)section two hundred twenty-four-a of this article, has substantially and materially failed to comply with or intentionally evaded the provisions of this article, the fiscal officer may notify such person in writing of his or her intention to issue a stop-work order. Such notice shall (i) be served in a manner consistent with Civil Practice Law & Rules Law § 308 (Personal service upon a natural person)section three hundred eight of the civil practice law and rules;


notify such person of his or her right to a hearing; and


state the factual basis upon which the fiscal officer has based his or her decision to issue a stop-work order. Any documents, reports, or information that form a basis for such decision shall be provided to such person within a reasonable time before the hearing. Such hearing shall be expeditiously conducted. Following the hearing, if the fiscal officer issues a stop-work order, it shall be served by regular mail, and a second copy may be served by telefacsimile or by electronic mail, with service effective upon receipt of any such order. Such stop-work order shall also be served with regard to a worksite by posting a copy of such order in a conspicuous location at the worksite. The order shall remain in effect until the fiscal officer directs that the stop-work order be removed, upon a final determination on the complaint or where such failure to comply or evade has been deemed corrected. If the person against whom such order is issued shall within thirty days after issuance of the stop-work order makes an application in affidavit form for a redetermination review of such order the fiscal officer shall make a decision in writing on the issues raised in such application. The fiscal officer may direct a conditional release from a stop-work order upon a finding that such person has taken meaningful and good faith steps to comply with the provisions of this article.

Source: Section 224-B — Stop-work orders, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/LAB/224-B (updated Jan. 7, 2022; accessed Jun. 15, 2024).

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