N.Y. General Business Law Section 174
Procedure upon application

  • grant of license


Upon the receipt of an application for a license, the commissioner shall cause the name and address of the applicant, the name under which the employment agency is to be conducted, and the street and number of the place where the agency is to be conducted, to be posted on the commissioner’s website, as well as in a conspicuous place in his public office. Such agency shall be used exclusively as an employment agency and for no other purpose, except as hereinafter provided. The commissioner shall investigate or cause to be investigated the character and responsibility of the applicant and agency manager and shall examine or cause to be examined the premises designated in such application as the place in which it is proposed to conduct such agency. The commissioner shall require all applicants for licenses and agency managers to be fingerprinted. Such fingerprints shall be submitted to the division of criminal justice services for a state criminal history record check, as defined in subdivision one of Education Law § 3035 (Duties of commissioner)section three thousand thirty-five of the education law, and may be submitted to the federal bureau of investigation for a national criminal history record check. The criminal history information, if any, received by the commissioner shall be considered in accordance with the provisions of article twenty-three-A of the correction law and subdivisions fifteen and sixteen of Executive Law § 296 (Unlawful discriminatory practices)section two hundred ninety-six of the executive law. A reasonable time before making a determination on the application pursuant to this subdivision, the commissioner shall provide the applicant with a copy of the applicant’s criminal history information, if any. Where such criminal history information is provided, the commissioner shall also provide a copy of article twenty-three-A of the correction law, and inform such applicant of his or her right to seek correction of any incorrect information contained in such criminal history information pursuant to the regulations and procedures established by the division of criminal justice services.


Any person may file, within one week after such application is so posted, a written protest against the issuance of such license. Such protest shall be in writing and signed by the person filing the same or his authorized agent or attorney, and shall state reasons why the said license should not be granted. Upon the filing of such protest the commissioner shall appoint a time and place for the hearing of such application, and shall give at least five days’ notice of such time and place to the applicant and the person filing such protest. The commissioner may administer oaths, subpoena witnesses and take testimony in respect to the matters contained in such application and protests or complaints of any character for violation of this article, and may receive evidence in the form of affidavits pertaining to such matters. If it shall appear upon such hearing or from the inspection, examination or investigation made by the commissioner that the applicant or agency manager is not a person of good character or responsibility; or that he or the agency manager has not had at least two years experience as a placement employee, vocational counsellor or in related activities, or other satisfactory business experience which similarly tend to establish the competence of such individual to direct and operate the placement activities of the agency; or that the place where such agency is to be conducted is not a suitable place therefor; or that the applicant has not complied with the provisions of this article; the said application shall be denied and a license shall not be granted. Each application should be granted or refused within thirty days from the date of its filing.


Any license heretofore issued shall run to the first Tuesday of May next following the date thereof and no later, unless sooner revoked by the commissioner. On and after May first, nineteen hundred seventy-six, licenses shall run to May first, nineteen hundred seventy-eight; thereafter to May first of every second year. A separate license shall be required for each branch of any agency.


No license shall be granted to a person to conduct the business of an employment agency in rooms used for living purposes or where boarders or lodgers are kept or where meals are served or where persons sleep or in connection with a building or premises where intoxicating liquors are sold to be consumed on the premises, excepting cafes and restaurants in office buildings. No license shall be granted to a person to conduct the business of an employment agency where the name of the employment agency directly or indirectly expresses or connotes any limitation, specification or discrimination as to race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, disability or marital status, and the lack of intent on the part of the applicant for the license to make any such limitation, specification or discrimination shall be immaterial, except that any presently licensed employment agency bearing a name which directly or indirectly expresses or connotes any such limitation, specification or discrimination may continue to use its present name and may have its license renewed using its present name, provided that it display under such name, wherever it appears, a statement to the effect that its services are rendered without limitation, specification or discrimination as to race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, disability or marital status.

Source: Section 174 — Procedure upon application; grant of license, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/GBS/174 (updated Mar. 17, 2017; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

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