New York Election Law

Sec. § 14-120
Campaign Contribution to Be Under True Name of Contributor

§ 14-120. Campaign contribution to be under true name of contributor.


No person shall in any name except his own, directly or indirectly, make a payment or a promise of payment to a candidate or political committee or to any officer or member thereof, or to any person acting under its authority or in its behalf or on behalf of any candidate, nor shall any such committee or any such person or candidate knowingly receive a payment or promise of payment, or enter or cause the same to be entered in the accounts or records of such committee, in any name other than that of the person or persons by whom it is made.


Notwithstanding subdivision one of this section, a partnership, as defined in section ten of the partnership law, may be considered a separate entity for the purposes of this section, and as such may make contributions in the name of said partnership without attributing such contributions to the individual members of the partnership provided that any such contribution made by a partnership to a candidate or to a political committee, shall not exceed, twenty-five hundred dollars. In the event that such partnership contribution to any such candidate or political committee exceeds twenty-five hundred dollars, the aggregate amount of such contribution shall be attributed to each partner whose share of the contribution exceeds ninety-nine dollars.

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