New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 258-R
Actions to Eliminate Trade Barriers


Any dairy farmer or cooperative producing milk within this state, any licensed milk dealer or general farm organization may file a complaint with the commissioner alleging that unconstitutional or otherwise illegal barriers to or burdens upon interstate commerce in milk or other dairy products exist in the laws, regulations or practices of any other state, or in the municipalities, agencies or instrumentalities thereof or in the regulations or practices of any federal agency. The complaint shall specify the nature of such barriers or burdens and the manner in which the complainant, or its individual members, is aggrieved thereby.


The commissioner shall determine whether such barriers or burdens have or may ultimately have an adverse impact upon New York producers or dealers generally and determine whether the public interest would be served by their elimination. If the commissioner concludes that action upon such complaint is in the general public interest of this state, he shall refer the complaint to the attorney general. The commissioner shall, within ninety days of the receipt of such complaint, inform in writing, the complainant and the attorney general as to the status thereof. Upon making a determination with respect to such complaint, the commissioner shall provide to the complainant and the attorney general a written statement of such determination setting forth the reasons therefor.


The commissioner shall maintain a continuing review of the laws, regulations and policies of the eleven Northeast states, their municipalities and federal agencies for the purpose of identifying unconstitutional or illegal barriers to the marketing of New York milk and dairy products. The commissioner may initiate and refer to the attorney general his own complaints with respect to any such barriers.


Upon referral of any complaint by the commissioner, the attorney general may bring an action in any state or federal court within or outside the state, for the purpose of invalidating such barriers or burdens upon interstate commerce and for such other relief as may be appropriate. The attorney general may bring such action in a parens patriae capacity.


The attorney general shall, within ninety days of receipt of such referral, inform the commissioner in writing as to the status of such referral. Upon deciding whether to commence an action with respect to the complaint, the attorney general shall provide to the commissioner a written statement of such decision and the reasons therefor.

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