New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 255
Rules and Orders

The commissioner may adopt and enforce all rules and all orders necessary to carry out the provisions of this article. Every rule or order shall be filed in the office of the department of state, except an order directed only to a person or persons named therein which shall be served by personal delivery of a copy, or by mailing a copy in a sealed envelope with postage prepaid to each person to whom such order is directed, or, in the case of a corporation, to any officer or agent of the corporation upon whom a summons may be served in accordance with the provisions of the civil practice law and rules. The filing of any rule and of any order, not herein required to be served, in the office of the department of state, shall constitute due and sufficient notice to all persons affected by such rule or order. A rule when duly filed as provided in this section shall have the force and effect of law.

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