New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 258-J
Construction, Exceptions and Limitations

The license required by this article shall be in addition to any other license required by this chapter or otherwise required by law. This article shall apply to the city of New York, but shall not be construed to conflict with, alter or repeal laws in force relating to the board of health or the department of health of the city of New York, nor the health code in force in such city or any amendments thereof duly adopted nor shall any provision of this article or any regulations adopted thereunder, relating to matters of health, sanitation or purity or wholesomeness of milk which is in conflict with the health code or the regulations of the board of health or the department of health of the city of New York, apply to the city of New York, or to the production and transportation of milk for said city. No milk dealer shall hereafter accept for sale or distribution in a marketing area or at a plant supplying such marketing area when such marketing area is regulated by a state milk marketing order, milk from any premises on which milk is produced or from any plant in which milk is handled unless such premises constitute a milk production area dairy farm as defined by section two hundred fifty-eight-l or unless the milk from such plant has been received for sale or distribution in such marketing area or at a plant subject to such order within the past two full calendar years without first satisfying the commissioner that such proposed added milk supply is reasonably needed for such marketing area, and that the acceptance of such added milk supply will not deprive any municipality or any other marketing area of a supply, present or future, more conveniently related to it. If any clause, sentence, paragraph or part of this article shall for any reason be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, such judgment shall not affect, impair or invalidate the remainder thereof, but shall be confined in its operation to the clause, sentence, paragraph, or part thereof, directly involved in the controversy in which such judgment shall have been rendered. No provision of this article shall apply or be construed to apply to foreign or interstate commerce, except insofar as the same may be effective pursuant to the United States constitution and to the laws of the United States enacted pursuant thereto. Technical, legal and other assistants and employees in the service of the milk control board at the time such transfer takes place shall be transferred to the division, subject to qualifying examinations to be conducted by the civil service commission as soon as convenient after transfer, and in the meantime they shall serve without examination. The civil service commission shall designate, upon advice of the commissioner the positions which it is not practicable to fill by competitive examinations, including the director, assistant director, counsel and assistant counsel.

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