New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 256-A
Audits of Books and Accounts of Milk Dealers and Cooperatives

§ 256-a. Audits of books and accounts of milk dealers and cooperatives. It shall be the duty of the commissioner to examine and audit from time to time, as the commissioner deems necessary and proper, the books and accounts of milk dealers and cooperatives licensed or subject to license under this article, for the purpose of determining how payments to producers for the milk handled are computed, whether the amounts of such payments are fair, and whether any provisions of this chapter affecting such payments, directly or indirectly, have been or are being violated, and for the purpose of determining the costs of the handling, distribution and marketing of milk and milk products, and for the purpose of determining the manner of disposition of the total income of each and every milk dealer and cooperative. For the purposes hereof, the commissioner or any employee designated for that purpose shall have access to and may enter at all reasonable hours all places where milk is being stored, bottled or manufactured or where milk and milk products are being bought, sold or handled, and where books, papers, records or documents relating to such purchase or sale are kept, and shall have power to inspect and copy and audit all of said books and accounts. No person or corporation shall in any way hinder or delay the commissioner or any employee in conducting such examination or audit. The commissioner may reveal any of the findings of such examination or audit to the producers interested therein, or may publish all or any part of such findings, as in his judgment will best serve the public interest and accomplish the purposes of this chapter.

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