New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 253

As used in this article unless otherwise expressly stated, or unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires:


“Division” means the division of milk control created by this article.


“Director” means the director of the division of milk control.


“Person” means any person, firm, corporation, co-partnership, association, co-operative corporation or unincorporated co-operative association.


“Milk dealer” means any person who purchases, handles or sells milk, or bargains for the purchase or sale of milk, including brokers and agents. Each corporation which if a natural person would be a milk dealer within the meaning of this article, and any subsidiary and affiliate of such corporation similarly engaged, shall be deemed a milk dealer within the meaning of this definition. A hotel or restaurant which sells only milk consumed on the premises where sold, or a producer who delivers milk only to a milk dealer, or a person who purchases milk from licensed dealers to be combined by him with non dairy products in the manufacture of candy, soup or other food products (except melloream) shall not be deemed a milk dealer.


“Licensee” means a licensed milk dealer.


“Milk”, for the purposes of this article, means all skim milk resulting from the separation of butterfat from whole milk, or resulting from reconstituting or recombining nonfat milk solids with water, and all butterfat in the form of or contained in milk, homogenized milk, vitamin D milk, vitamin-mineral fortified milk, flavored milk, standardized milk, concentrated milk in consumer packages, fluid skim milk, modified skim milk, skim milk drinks, buttermilk, fresh cream, half and half, or any product or products having the appearance and taste of any of the above, regardless of the name by which they are labeled or represented. It includes such skim milk and butterfat contained in melloream whose appearance, odor or taste is similar to any of the aforesaid. In each instance where quantity is referred to the intent is to include the combined product pounds of skim milk and butterfat contained therein.


“Producer” means a person producing milk.


“Consumer” means any person other than a milk dealer who purchases milk for fluid consumption.


“Store” means an individual business establishment at one location including a grocery store, hotel, restaurant, soda fountain, dairy products store, automatic milk vending machine, gasoline station or a similar mercantile establishment offering goods and/or services at retail to individual consumers. The commissioner may after due notice and public hearing define as a store such other mercantile establishment as he finds conforms to the definition as herein provided.


“Milk broker” means any person who buys and sells milk for licensees on a fee or commission basis or who arranges for or negotiates contracts to buy or sell milk among licensees.

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