New York Judiciary Law
Sec. § 316
Compensation of Stenographers Appointed by Certain Justices of Supreme Court in Third and Fourth Judicial Districts

§ 316. Compensation of stenographers appointed by certain justices of supreme court in third and fourth judicial districts. Each stenographer appointed pursuant to subdivision five of section one hundred fifty-nine of this chapter, by a justice of the supreme court assigned to hold special terms in the third or fourth judicial districts, shall receive a salary, fixed by the justice making the appointment, not exceeding three thousand dollars per annum and also a reasonable sum for actual necessary expenses while traveling to and from said terms, and while attending court, including stationery, equipment and supplies necessary to the transaction of the duties of such stenographer. The salaries and expenses of each such stenographer shall be audited by the state comptroller and paid by the state department of taxation and finance in equal quarterly payments when certified to such comptroller by the justice who made the appointment or in case of his death or disability, by any other justice of the same judicial district as such justice. Such department shall apportion the total amount of the salaries and actual necessary expenses of the stenographer or stenographers appointed in the third judicial district and of the stenographer or stenographers appointed in the fourth judicial district among the counties comprising the third and fourth judicial districts respectively. Such counties shall reimburse the state therefor. The time and method of such apportionments and the time and method of such reimbursement shall be as specified in section seventy-four of this chapter.
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