New York Judiciary Law
Sec. § 313
Expenses of Stenographers Appointed by Justices of Supreme Court for Each Judicial District Except First and Second

§ 313. Expenses of stenographers appointed by justices of supreme court for each judicial district except first and second. Each of the stenographers specified in section three hundred and twelve is also entitled to payment of his actual and necessary expenses, while attending court, including stationery, and ten cents for each mile for his actual travel, between the place of holding each term and his residence, going and returning, or from term to term, as the case may be. The amount thereof must be paid upon the certificate of the judge holding or presiding at the term by the treasurer of the county where the term is held, from the court fund, or the fund from which jurors are paid. But mileage shall not be computed beyond the bounds of the judicial district, except where the usual line of travel, from one point to another within that district, passes partly through another judicial district.
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