New York Judiciary Law
Sec. § 299
Stenographers Must Furnish Gratuitously Copies of Proceedings to Judges

§ 299. Stenographers must furnish gratuitously copies of proceedings to judges. Each stenographer, specified in this chapter or the civil practice act, surrogate’s court act, court of claims act or New York city civil court act, must, upon request, furnish, with all reasonable diligence and without charge, to the judge holding a term or sitting, which he has attended, a copy written out at length from his stenographic notes, of the testimony and proceedings, or a part thereof, upon a trial or hearing, at that term or sitting. But this section does not affect a provision of law authorizing the judge to direct a party or the parties to an action or special proceeding, or the county treasurer, to pay the stenographer’s fees for such a copy.
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