New York Domestic Relations Law
Sec. § 245
Enforcement by Contempt Proceedings of Judgment or Order in Action for Divorce, Separation or Annulment

§ 245. Enforcement by contempt proceedings of judgment or order in action for divorce, separation or annulment. Where a spouse, in an action for divorce, separation, annulment or declaration of nullity of a void marriage, or for the enforcement in this state of a judgment for divorce, separation, annulment or declaration of nullity of a void marriage rendered in another state, makes default in paying any sum of money as required by the judgment or order directing the payment thereof, the aggrieved spouse may make application pursuant to the provisions of section seven hundred fifty-six of the judiciary law to punish the defaulting spouse for contempt, and where the judgment or order directs the payment to be made in installments, or at stated intervals, failure to make such single payment or installment may be punished as therein provided, and such punishment, either by fine or commitment, shall not be a bar to a subsequent proceeding to punish the defaulting spouse as for a contempt for failure to pay subsequent installments, but for such purpose such spouse may be proceeded against under the said order in the same manner and with the same effect as though such installment payment was directed to be paid by a separate and distinct order, and the provisions of the civil rights law are hereby superseded so far as they are in conflict therewith. Such application may also be made without any previous sequestration or direction to give security or any application for enforcement by any other means. No demand of any kind upon the defaulting spouse shall be necessary in order that he or she be proceeded against and punished for failure to make any such payment or to pay any such installment; personal service upon the defaulting spouse of an uncertified copy of the judgment or order under which the default has occurred shall be sufficient.
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