N.Y. Multiple Residence Law Section 105
Cooking spaces


Every space which is intended, arranged or designed for cooking or warming of food shall be either a kitchen or kitchenette.


A kitchen or kitchenette shall be unlawful unless it is constructed, arranged and maintained in compliance with the following applicable provisions:


The ceiling and walls, exclusive of doors, of all kitchenettes shall be fire-retarded or in lieu thereof such space shall be equipped with one or more sprinkler heads to fuse at a temperature not higher than two hundred twelve degrees Fahrenheit. Such heads shall be connected to the water supply through a pipe of adequate size.


In every kitchen and kitchenette, all combustible material immediately underneath or within one foot of any apparatus used for cooking or warming of food shall be fire-retarded or covered with fire-resistive material.


Every kitchenette shall be provided with a window opening upon a street or upon a yard, court or shaft. Such window shall be at least one foot wide, have a total area of at least three square feet and be at least ten per centum of the superficial floor area of such kitchenette. In lieu of such window, in such kitchenette it shall be lawful to install a system of mechanical or gravity ventilation to provide at least six changes per hour of the air volume of such kitchenette.


Every kitchenette may be equipped with a door or doors, provided the lower portion of each such door has a metal grille containing at least forty-eight square inches of clear openings or, in lieu of such a grille, there are two clear open spaces, each of at least twenty-four square inches, one between the floor and each such door, and the other between the top of each such door and the head jamb.

Source: Section 105 — Cooking spaces, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/MRE/105 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

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