N.Y. Benevolent Orders Law Section 9
Powers of joint corporations

Such corporation may acquire real property in the town, village or city in which such hall, home, temple or building is or is to be located, and erect such building or buildings thereupon for the uses and purposes of the corporation, as the trustees may deem necessary, or repair, rebuild or reconstruct any building or buildings that may be thereupon and furnish and complete such rooms therein as may appear necessary for the use of such bodies or for any other purpose for which the corporation is formed; and may rent to other persons any portion of such building or real property for business or other purposes. Until such real property shall be acquired or such building erected or made ready for use, the corporation may rent and sublet such rooms or apartments in such town, village or city as may be suitable or convenient for the use of the bodies mentioned in such certificate, or of such other bodies as may desire to use them, and the board of trustees may determine the terms and conditions on which rooms and apartments in such building or buildings, when erected, or which may be leased, shall be used and occupied. Before such corporation composed of not more than thirty bodies shall purchase or sell any real property, or erect or repair any building or buildings thereupon, and before it shall purchase any building or part of a building for the use of a corporation, it shall submit to the bodies constituting the corporation, the proposition to make such sale or purchase, or to erect or repair any such building or buildings, or to rent any building or part thereof, for the use of the corporation; and unless such proposition receives the approval of two-thirds of the bodies constituting the corporation, such proposition shall not be carried into effect. The evidence of the approval of such proposition by any such body shall be a certificate to that effect signed by the presiding officer and secretary of the body, or the officers discharging duties corresponding to those of the presiding officer and secretary, under the seal of such body. But where land is purchased for the purpose of erecting a hall, home or temple thereon, the buildings upon such land at the time of such purchase may be sold by the trustees without such consent. The powers of the board of trustees of every corporation created hereunder and composed of more than thirty bodies, respecting sales, purchases and repairs, shall be fixed by the by-laws adopted by the representatives of the various bodies composing such corporation, or shall be determined by such representatives when assembled in annual session. Every corporation created hereunder shall have power to enforce, at law or in equity, any legal contract which it may make with any of the bodies composing it respecting the care and maintenance of members or other dependents of such body, the same as if such body or bodies were not members of the corporation. Any corporation created hereunder shall have power to take and hold real and personal estate by purchase, gift, devise or bequest subject to the provisions of law relating to devises and bequests by last will and testament or otherwise.

Source: Section 9 — Powers of joint corporations, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/BVO/9 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Nov. 25, 2023).

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