N.Y. Benevolent Orders Law Section 11
Reincorporation of joint corporations

A corporation heretofore organized, the members whereof represent lodges or bodies in any of the benevolent or fraternal orders mentioned or described in section seven hereof, may by a two-thirds vote of all its members present and voting at a regular or regularly called meeting thereof, proceed to reincorporate under this chapter with the same name and for the same purposes for which it was originally organized. In thus proceeding to reincorporate, the board of trustees or directors may be increased or diminished within the limits prescribed by section seven hereof, but any decrease in such membership shall not take effect so as to affect the term of office of any trustee or director of the old corporation. Such trustees or directors and the other officers of the old corporation shall continue to serve as such under the reorganized corporation for the term for which they were originally elected or appointed. Such reorganization shall not effect a dissolution of the corporation, but shall be deemed a continuation of its corporate existence without affecting its property rights, or its liabilities, or the liabilities of its members or officers as such; but thereafter it shall have only such other rights, powers and privileges and be subject only to such other duties and liabilities as a corporation created for the same purpose under this chapter.

Source: Section 11 — Reincorporation of joint corporations, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/BVO/11 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Dec. 2, 2023).

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