N.Y. Religious Corporations Law Section 225-K
Powers and duties of the trustees


The trustees shall have the custody of all the temporalities and property, real and personal, belonging to the corporation and of the revenues therefrom, and shall administer the same in accordance with the discipline, rules and usages of the corporation and of the Free Methodist Church of North America; but shall have no control of funds raised for pastoral support, benevolent enterprises or any other purpose save those directly connected with the property of the church.


A society meeting of an incorporated free Methodist church whose trustees are elective as such, may give direction, not inconsistent with law, as to the manner in which any of the temporal affairs of the church shall be administered by the trustees thereof; and such directions shall be followed by the trustees. The trustees shall have no power, without the consent of such a society meeting, to incur debts beyond what is necessary for the care of the property of the corporation.

Source: Section 225-K — Powers and duties of the trustees, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/RCO/225-K (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Jul. 13, 2024).

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