N.Y. Real Property Actions & Proceedings Law Section 1722
Contents of petition

The petition shall state:


The name, age and residence of the infant, incompetent person or conservatee.


The grounds of the proceeding.


A description of the real property or interest to be disposed of and of the incumbrance, if any, thereon.


The name and residence of the guardian of the infant, committee of the incompetent person or conservator of the conservatee and, where a guardian ad litem is to be appointed, the name and residence of the person proposed as the guardian ad litem, the relationship he bears to the infant, incompetent person, or conservatee and the security proposed to be given.


In a proceeding pursuant to subdivision four of § 1711 (Grounds)section seventeen hundred eleven of this article, that the contract was made after the advertisement of the real property for sale for a period of four successive weeks by a notice of sale posted conspicuously on the premises, and by publication of a notice of sale in the manner prescribed by § 231 (Sale)section two hundred thirty-one of this chapter for publication of a notice of sale of real property made in pursuance of a judgment, provided, however, that the court may, upon cause shown, shorten such time or dispense with such advertisement.

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