N.Y. Public Authorities Law Section 828
Powers of the board

The board of directors may name a manager and such other officers and employees as may be needed, and fix their compensation; may determine the location, type, size, construction and equipment of requisite regional marketing facilities within the district; may prepare a plan for financing the acquisition, construction, equipment and operation of such facilities; and may exercise generally the powers of the authority to the end that there may be constructed, equipped and operated adequate regional marketing facilities within the district for the buying and selling of farm produce and any and all other businesses which reasonably tend to serve the public in connection with that business or make it more convenient, efficient, profitable or successful. In the exercise of those powers, either directly or through its officers and employees the board may do the following things, among others, and the following list of powers shall not be deemed complete or exclusive, or to deny the existence of other powers, whether similar or different, so long as they are reasonably necessary for accomplishing the purposes declared and indicated in this title.


Make such investigations and hold such hearings and conferences as may be necessary to formulate, adopt and revise a financial, building and operation program for a regional market within the district.


Acquire, lease, erect, construct, equip, maintain and operate market facilities within the district, and for such purposes to acquire real property within the district, by agreement or by condemnation, including options and leases thereon as well as all other forms of acquisition, and to improve and equip the same, and to mortgage, sell, rent, exchange or dispose of any property, real or personal, or interests therein or licenses affecting the same, as may seem advisable, including the leasing or sale of real property, heretofore acquired and now held and not required for market facilities, for agriculture business, commercial or industrial uses.


Execute contracts, bonds, certificates of indebtedness and other obligations, and sell or dispose of the same in such amounts and at such rates of interest as may be advisable. This shall include the power to dispose of its bonds or other obligations to, and to borrow money from, the United States of America or any agency or instrumentality thereof, or any corporation owned or controlled by the United States of America or the state of New York.


Employ such manager or managers, and such clerical, engineering, legal or other professional assistance, services and labor as may be deemed necessary for accomplishing the purposes of this title, fix their compensation, and at pleasure discharge any of them.


Fix, impose and collect rentals and license fees relative to all business which may be done upon the market or in any way involving the use of its facilities; make rules and regulations which shall govern all such business and all persons and vehicles coming upon the market; provide and enforce penalties and liquidated damages relative to breaches of such rules and regulations and any contracts entered into.

Source: Section 828 — Powers of the board, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/PBA/828 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Dec. 2, 2023).

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