New York General Municipal Law
Sec. § 97
Power of Municipalities to Furnish and Contract for Fire and Police Communication System

§ 97. Power of municipalities to furnish and contract for fire and police communication system. In a county having a population of more than five hundred twenty-five thousand and less than six hundred fifty thousand according to the last decennial federal census, it shall be lawful for a city located therein, and for said county and any town or village located therein, to enter into a contract for such a term of years as deemed advisable for the furnishing by said city to such a county, any town or village therein, broadcasting services, auto radio repair service and services incidental to and in connection with a fire and police radio communication system. Such system of communication shall be maintained and operated by the city. Each municipality electing to have such service rendered by the city shall pay to such city such sum or sums as shall be agreed upon toward the cost of the operation and maintenance of such system. The contract shall state the type of service to be rendered, the amount to be paid therefor, the time when such payment shall be made and shall contain such other terms and conditions as may be agreed upon between the parties thereto.
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