New York General Municipal Law
Sec. § 70-A
Liability for Expenses Incurred in Enforcing Lawful Required Payment of Moneys to State Agencies

§ 70-a. Liability for expenses incurred in enforcing lawful required payment of moneys to state agencies. Notwithstanding any inconsistent provision of this chapter or of any law, general, special or local, whenever any municipal corporation is required by law to provide and pay any moneys to a corporate or other agency or instrumentality of the state for a public purpose, any reasonable expenses necessarily incurred by such an agency or instrumentality in compelling or enforcing by judicial proceeding payment to it of such moneys shall be a charge against such municipal corporation and such municipal corporation shall be liable therefor and shall pay the amount thereof upon certification and approval by the attorney-general, to such agency or instrumentality, provided vouchers therefor, properly certified and approved as required by this section, shall be presented to and filed with the chief fiscal officer of the municipal corporation within six months after final determination of such judicial proceedings in the case of any such expenses hereafter incurred, and in the case of any such expenses heretofore incurred within six months after this section as hereby added takes effect. The provisions of this section shall apply to and in the case of such expenses heretofore incurred subsequent to January first, nineteen hundred thirty-two, by such a state agency or instrumentality.
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