N.Y. Executive Law Section 982


The evaluation component of each program plan shall, at a minimum, include the following:


a statement on legislative history and intent;


a statement of program objectives which identifies outcomes attributable to the program, anticipated performance levels, and indicators of the effectiveness of the program;


defined quantitative measures which will be included as part of the evaluation report including, but not limited to, a description of the targeted population, criteria for participant selection, demographics on participants, measures of program activity, inventory of services provided, and budget information on programs and administrative expenditures including, but not limited to, costs per participant. For those programs where an objective is job placement, data shall include information on the occupations which participants enter, the rate of job retention, pre-program wage earnings and post-program wage earnings as well as other appropriate measures which indicate the extent to which program activities meet program objectives. For those programs where the objectives are other than job placement, such as youth employment and training programs, occupationally related basic competency programs, programs which provide services supporting individuals in jobs, and employee skills upgrading programs, data shall, at a minimum, represent measures which indicate the extent to which program activities meet program objectives. Other performance indicators that appropriately describe the effect of the program and data which reflects follow-up activity appropriate to the services provided shall also be included as part of the evaluation report;


a statement of methodology which will result in a comparison of program outcomes against program objectives; and


any additional evaluation information as may be required by law.


(a) The evaluation report for each workforce preparation program shall be submitted to the job training coordinating council, as defined in subdivision two of § 971 (Definitions)section nine hundred seventy-one of this chapter, for review and recommendation.


The report shall include, at a minimum, all program data and an analysis which compares performance outcomes against program objectives as specified in the evaluation component of the program plan defined herein and shall include an evaluation of activity for the completed program year immediately preceding the issuance of the report and an interim evaluation of current program year activity if applicable.


Based on the review conducted pursuant to paragraph (a) of subdivision two of this section, the council shall prepare a unified summary of evaluation reports submitted by each agency pursuant to this article for submission to the speaker of the assembly, the temporary president of the senate, and the chair of the legislative commission on skills development and career education no later than January thirty-first, nineteen hundred ninety and each year thereafter provided, however, that the council shall make available each individual program evaluation report submitted pursuant to this article upon request of the legislature. The council shall include in such summary recommendations to the governor and the legislature relating to improved program coordination and service delivery, program improvements or enhancements and necessary statutory changes.


The provisions of this section shall not exempt any agency from requirements relating to the evaluation of workforce preparation programs pursuant to any other provision of law.

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