N.Y. Executive Law Section 875
Declaration of purpose

The legislature finds and determines as follows:


Increasing regulation of business in the state has been accompanied by a proliferation of permits entailing multiple requirements, jurisdictional overlaps, and business uncertainties. More than thirty-five state agencies issue permits affecting business. Permits number in the hundreds in statute with still more in rules and regulations. Business moves in a maze of permits, licenses, and approvals.


The public interest will be served by overcoming the delays and burdensome permit requirements which too often accompany business regulation and by fixing responsibility for continuing and comprehensive action designed to consolidate, simplify, or expedite the permit procedures of state agencies.


Accomplishment of these purposes will be facilitated through the establishment of an office for business permits and a program of business permit assistance in state government which will provide comprehensive permit information, one-stop service for permit applicants, and the coordination of permit processing and review.


It is the intent of the legislature that the program of business permit assistance will be directed to commercial, or non-profit, business undertakings, projects, and activities rather than to the routine issuance of licenses and permits for individual privileges, including the occupational licenses for practicing a trade or profession, licenses for operating a motor vehicle and amateur sporting licenses, such as for hunting and fishing.


It is the further intent of the legislature that the program of business permit assistance focus primarily on those business undertakings needing special help with state agency requirements and procedures and, generally improve the delivery of governmental services to businesses locating or expanding in the state.


The program of business permit assistance will thereby constitute an economic advantage to the state and facilitate such undertakings as commercial, industrial and residential developments; medical, social, and educational installations; industrial location or expansion; changes in manufacturing, production, and distribution processes; local government projects; and general construction. * NB Authority of office terminated per § 893 December 31, 1995

Source: Section 875 — Declaration of purpose, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/EXC/875 (updated Sep. 22, 2014; accessed Dec. 2, 2023).

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