N.Y. Election Law Section 4-132
Polling places

  • equipment for

The board of elections or the town, city or village clerk, when a town, city or village holds an election not conducted by the board of elections, shall provide in each polling place, as required, the following articles:


Material to define the voting area.


Separate boxes for the purposes of receiving ballots. Such boxes shall have an opening on the top, large enough to allow a single ballot to be passed easily through the opening, but no larger, and shall be supplied with a protective lock or seal.


A booth or device in each election district for the use of voters marking ballots. Such booth or device shall be so constructed as to permit the voter to mark his or her ballot in secrecy and shall be furnished at all times with an appropriate marking device.


A sufficient number of maps, street finders or other descriptions of all of the polling places and election districts within the political subdivision in which the polling place is located to enable the election inspectors and poll clerks to determine the correct election district and polling place for each street address within the political subdivision in which the polling place is located.

Source: Section 4-132 — Polling places; equipment for, https://www.­nysenate.­gov/legislation/laws/ELN/4-132 (updated Apr. 19, 2019; accessed Jun. 15, 2024).

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