New York Election Law
Sec. § 15-128
Notice to Person Chosen to a Village Office

The clerk of the village shall, within three days after the election of a village officer, notify each person elected of his election, and of the date thereof, and that, in order to qualify, he is required to file his oath of office with such clerk before entering upon the duties thereof; and, if an official undertaking be required of him by or in pursuance of law, that he is also required to file the same with such clerk and that upon his failure so to do he will be deemed to have declined the office. In the case of a village justice such notice shall further state that the filing of his oath with the county clerk of the county is also required. If an undertaking is required of a village officer after entering upon the duties of his office, the clerk of the village shall thereupon serve upon such officer, personally, a written notice that he is required to file such undertaking with the clerk within ten days after the service of the notice and that upon his failure to do so his office will become vacant.
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