New York Election Law
Sec. § 15-112
Registers and Poll-books; How Used

For any village election where permanent personal registration records are not used, all copies of the register in the polling place shall be referred to, if necessary, to determine the persons entitled to vote; but at any such election, including a primary election, ballot numbers shall be entered and other election entries made in only two copies of the register, which shall include the copy used for taking signatures; provided, however, that if the election be one for which poll-books are required to be provided, ballot numbers shall be entered and other entries made in the two poll-books instead of the registers. The signatures of voters taken at the election or at a primary election shall be made or identification numbers entered, in one of the copies of the register having, when the election opens, an unused signature column, if there be any such copy, and otherwise in one of the poll-books, to be known as the signature poll-book.
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