New York County Law
Sec. § 937
County Detectives in Counties Within City of New York


In such counties included within the city of New York now having such detectives, there shall continue to be appointed for such counties, two detectives who shall serve during good behavior and who shall each receive as compensation a sum in such amount as may be fixed by the board of estimate of such city, but not less than two thousand dollars per annum, payable monthly. Such salaries shall be a county charge of the respective counties and shall be paid in the same manner as the salaries of the other officers attached to the county court, and their names shall be placed upon the payroll of such county court.


Notwithstanding any of the provisions of this section or of any other law, the number of county detectives in Bronx county or the salaries of any county detectives appointed in the counties of Bronx and Kings may, with the consent of the district attorney, be increased or decreased by the board of estimate of the city of New York.
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