New York County Law
Sec. § 903
Official Seals and Signatures


The seals heretofore kept by the respective county clerks of the counties comprising the city of New York shall continue to be the seals of said counties. The seal kept by the county clerk as prescribed in the judiciary law, shall continue to be the seal of the county and must be used by him when he is required to use an official seal. The seal heretofore adopted by the county judges of the county of Bronx shall continue to be the official seal of such county and of the supreme court of such county. This provision shall not be applicable in cases where special provisions are otherwise made by law.


The signature and seal of a county clerk upon a certificate of official character of a notary public or the signature of a county clerk upon a certificate of authentication of the signature and acts of a notary public or commissioner of deeds or upon a certificate of comparison or of search may be a facsimile, imprinted, stamped, photographed or engraved thereon.


The county clerk may designate from among the permanent members of his staff, one or more individuals who shall be permitted to sign his name and affix his official seal upon documents of certification, attestation, and comparison, as well as upon certificates attesting to the official character of notaries public and the signatures of public officers and upon judgments, orders, commissions and other documents requiring the official signature and seal of the county clerk.
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