New York Arts and Cultural Affairs Law

Sec. § 37.03
Theatrical Employment; Contracts

Every licensed person who shall procure for or offer to an applicant a theatrical engagement shall have executed in duplicate a contract or deliver to the parties as herein set forth a statement containing the name and address of the applicant; the name and address of the employer of the applicant and of the person acting for such employer in employing such applicant; the time and duration of such engagement; the amount to be paid to such applicant; the character of entertainment to be given or services to be rendered; the number of performances per day or per week that are to be given by said applicant; if a vaudeville engagement, the name of the person by whom the transportation is to be paid, and if by the applicant, either the cost of transportation between the places where said entertainment or services are to be given or rendered, or the average cost of transportation between the places where such services are to be given or rendered; and if a dramatic engagement, the cost of transportation to the place where the services begin, if paid by the applicant; and the gross commission or fees to be paid by said applicant and to whom. Such contracts or statements shall contain no other conditions and provisions except such as are equitable between the parties thereto and do not constitute an unreasonable restriction of business. Forms of such contract and statement in blank shall be first approved by the commissioner and his determination shall be reviewable by certiorari. One of such duplicate contracts or of such statements shall be delivered to the person engaging the applicant and the other shall be retained by the applicant. The licensed person procuring such engagement for such applicant shall keep on file or enter in a book provided for that purpose a copy of such contract or statement.

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