New York Agriculture & Markets Law

Sec. § 376
Disposition of Animals or Implements Used in Fights Among Animals

§ 376. Disposition of animals or implements used in fights among animals. The officer, after taking possession of such animals, or implements, or other property, pursuant to the preceding section, shall apply to the magistrate before whom complaint is made against the offender violating such provision of law, for the order next hereinafter mentioned, and shall make and file an affidavit with such magistrate, stating therein the name of the offender charged in such complaint, the time, place and description of the animals, implements or other property so taken, together with the name of the party who claims the same, if known, and that the affiant has reason to believe and does believe, stating the grounds of such belief, that the same were used or employed, or were about to be used or employed, in such violation, and will establish the truth thereof upon the trial of such offender. He shall then deliver such animals, implements, or other property, to such magistrate, who shall thereupon, by order in writing, place the same in the custody of an officer or other proper person in such order named and designated, to be by him kept until the trial or final discharge of the offender, and shall send a copy of such order, without delay, to the district attorney of the county. The officer or person so named and designated in such order, shall immediately thereupon assume such custody, and shall retain the same for the purpose of evidence upon such trial, subject to the order of the court before which such offender may be required to appear, until his final discharge or conviction. Upon the conviction of such offender, the animals, implements, or other property, shall be adjudged by the court to be forfeited. In the event of the acquittal or final discharge, without conviction, of such offender, such court shall, on demand, direct the delivery of the property so held in custody to the owner thereof.

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