New York Vehicle & Traffic Law

Sec. § 507
Miscellaneous Provisions


Driver education. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this article, a class D or class M license, whichever is appropriate, may be issued to a minor seventeen years of age who has successfully completed a driver education course approved by the state education department and the commissioner in a high school or college and who has submitted proof of completion of the minimum hours of supervised driving as required in paragraph (d) of subdivision two of section five hundred two of this article. No such driver education course may be approved unless classroom training is provided by a person approved by the state education department and the commissioner. However, a school district may contract with one or more licensed drivers’ schools to provide behind the wheel training, pursuant to regulations promulgated by the commissioner. The commissioner shall prescribe the requirements for licensing of such minors. A student enrolled in such an approved driver education course may operate a motor vehicle without holding a driver’s license or a learner’s permit while under the immediate supervision of an instructor in such course or a driver’s school instructor providing behind the wheel training in such a course, provided such operation is in accordance with the rules established by the commissioner. Every student who successfully completes such course in a day, evening or summer school program offered by a public or private school shall receive certification of such completion on a certificate prescribed by the commissioner.


Failure to exhibit license. Failure by a licensee to exhibit a license valid for operation under this chapter to any magistrate, motor vehicle license examiner, motor vehicle investigator, peace officer, acting pursuant to his special duties, or police officer shall be presumptive evidence that he is not duly licensed.


Entry into military service. If any person who enters military service shall fail to give timely notification in writing of such entry to the commissioner, the commissioner may, in his discretion, refuse to renew such person’s driver’s license, if such license is not otherwise renewable under the provisions of this article.


Road tests. A motor vehicle license examiner or other agent designated by the commissioner, while engaged in conducting a road test is not deemed to be a supervising or an accompanying driver in relation to the applicant being tested.

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